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Want to make a gift for the new year? Choose one of the options we have listed. You'll help the foundation while giving a fun and fulfilling gift. 


We do not receive any government funding and are solely reliant on generous donations to continue our vital work with the people and wildlife of Namibia. We simply could not do what we do without our supporters and donors – Thank You!

If you would like to support us by donating or fundraising, please click on the donate button or email .

Make a Regular Gift


You can choose which project you'd like to support, how regularly you'd like to donate and how much. All you need to do is contact your bank to set up a Standing Order! 



Email to to start your monthly donation.



Donate equipment and supplies


If you, your work or school, has any items that are not in use or are old and soon to be replaced – please bring them to N/a’an ku sê where they’ll be gratefully received and well used! As a special request, we can always use bottles and teats for our baby animals!


Click here to download our Wish List.


Want to get involved and help us improve the lives of Namibia’s people and wildlife? There are tons of fun ways you can support our projects!


You can help us raise funds by organising or joining one of our events, getting your company, school or university involved, or hosting your own fundraiser or sponsored event.


From pub quiz nights to skydiving and VIP charity balls, when it comes to original fundraising ideas, the wackier the better – get sponsored to dress up as a cheetah for the day or organise a rubber duck derby race. However, the oldies are still goldies – host a coffee morning or a cake sale (no one can ever resist cake!), do a sponsored run or a dress down day at work.


Read our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas!



Fundraising Tips

  • Involve your friends and family – ask those closest to you to help organise your fundraiser and encourage them to invite their friends and family to join in.

  • Get some community spirit – contact your local community centre, church or sports groups - tell them about N/a’an ku sê and get them excited about your fundraising idea. The more people involved, the more funds you’ll be able to raise!

  • Make school or work fun – do a presentation about N/a’an ku sê at your school assembly or work cafeteria and put posters around promoting N/a’an ku sê and your fundraiser.


Email for more fundraising ideas, advice and support.

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